How to update contact number for order

Sometimes, you may come across an error message saying “Please edit the order to update the contact number” when placing an order on FreeDropship. In such cases, you can update the contact number by following these steps: 1 Edit the order 2 Update the shipping address After that, you can processed to place order now. […]

How to setup fulfillment within the order.

How to setup fulfillment within the order. 1 – Edit the order before requesting fulfillment   2 – Connect the product to setup the fulfillment within the popup window.     3 – Search for the product and choose the product and correct variants, then finalize the setup     4 – You can return […]

Install FreeDropship on Shopify

Click this to sign up ,  or search for ‘H&O FreeDropship Assistant’ to install, then following the installation steps, like steps below. 2. Then sign in 3. Then chooese one of the connected store or connect a new store 4. And you are ready to go  

Dropshipping with FreeDropship

Introducing FreeDropship, your comprehensive dropshipping solution that takes care of your business from start to finish. With a range of general and advanced features, FreeDropship ensures an efficient and appealing dropshipping experience. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Find products within FreeDropship Discover the perfect products to sell and engage with your target customers effortlessly. […]

What is FreeDropship

Introducing FreeDropship, your ultimate solution for seamless dropshipping, packed with numerous benefits to optimize your business: Effortless Winning Product Sourcing FreeDropship simplifies the process of finding winning products by offering access to thousands of products from various channels within the app. With just a few clicks, you can import trending products from AliExpress and Tmall. […]