Efficient Solutions for Importing Products and Fulfilling Orders from AliExpress Sellers

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Simple Three-Step Process for Importing AliExpress Products

1.Download the Plugin

Obtain the user-friendly AliExpress import plugin to prepare for the subsequent steps.

2.Select Products

Access the product library through the plugin and explore a wide array of AliExpress products. Utilize filters, such as categories or popularity, to quickly identify suitable items.

3.Confirm and Import

Add your chosen products to the import list and then confirm the import. The system will initiate the process of integrating the product information seamlessly into your inventory.

Order Fulfillment Process

1.Inquire with store or downloaded products.

Customers can initiate pricing inquiries using their store inventory or downloaded products, expressing interest in obtaining price quotes for selected items and exploring pricing options.

2.Product Quotation by Specialist

Specialists review inquiries, offering detailed, competitive quotations with comprehensive product information to assist customers in their decision-making process.

3.Confirmation and Order Binding

Customers review the quotation and confirm the order, binding the selected product to their purchase, and initiating order processing and fulfillment.