How to import products from AliExpress

1. Kindly install the H&O FreeDropship Assistant Chrome plugin by visiting the following link: 2. Once installed, you can proceed with the following steps to import products.

How to update contact number for order

Sometimes, you may come across an error message saying “Please edit the order to update the contact number” when placing an order on FreeDropship. In such cases, you can update the contact number by following these steps: 1 Edit the order 2 Update the shipping address After that, you can processed to place order now. […]

How to setup fulfillment within the order.

How to setup fulfillment within the order. 1 – Edit the order before requesting fulfillment   2 – Connect the product to setup the fulfillment within the popup window.     3 – Search for the product and choose the product and correct variants, then finalize the setup     4 – You can return […]

How to reqeust for a quotation?

Click the Request Quotation on the left hand side menu   Then, you can ask quotation of an existing product by simply clicking the Ask Quote button on the right hand side of each row of this table   Or, you can ask for a customized quotation by switching to Customized Rqeust tab   Finally, […]

Track logistics

After transferring the order, the tracking number will be automatically updated, so there’s no need to worry.  

How to place an order on Freedropship?

1-Enter my order page, all orders containing Freedropship products can be transferred directly to Freedropship, we will give priority to your delivery 2-Select the appropriate logistics route 3-pay for the order

How to connect the product?

How to match the right products on Freedropship when there are products available? 1-Find All Store Products on Setup Fulfillment page, where all products that are “active” in the Shopify store are placed.   3-Click on “Connect” to connect or update the connection.   4-You can search the product, and connect Freedropship products.   5-The […]

How to import products in plalfrom Aliexpress?

1- Install the plugin first (uninstall and reinstall it if it was originally installed).   2-Visit website  to find winning products.   2-1,Then click “Import” button.   3-Now, you can find the product in importList to import   4-Click publish to import the product in your store  

How to import products in Featured Products?

1-Select the Featured Products you like You can screen out the required products according to the screening classification, keywords, etc     2-Select the product and click Import to the store  

The dropshipping process

I briefly went over what dropshipping is, but you might not know exactly how it works. So here’s a step-by-step overview of the entire dropshipping process. I’ll go over what it looks like behind the scenes, and I’ll also look at what the customer experiences (and why it matters).   Understanding the supply chain In […]